Insider’s Guide to the Worlds Happiest Destinations

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Feast Your Eyes: An Afternoon With an SF Foodie

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Have a Gay ‘ol Time at Pride!

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The Sharing Economy in San Francisco

As a hub of technological development and innovation, San Francisco is oftentimes the breeding ground for entirely new industries and economies. As these new economies grow, the city inevitably becomes involved in issues that other local governments have never before had to experience. Just last week, there was a hearing at City Hall to discuss a proposal to charge residents who rent rooms out on … Continue reading The Sharing Economy in San Francisco

Getting to Know Your Own City with the Help of Vayable

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June’s Brief Handbook on San Francisco

by June Lin, community manager at Vayable, based in San Francisco. 

Hey everyone! I’m kicking off a series of personal handbooks that anyone who knows their city well can contribute! In writing these handbooks, there are no rights and wrongs because everything is essentially a matter of opinion. If you want to write one for your city or a city that you know well, please let me know at!

I moved to San Francisco a couple of years ago from Austin, Texas in a post-college, headed off to the real world type of move. Over the course of my time here, I grew to love not only the glistening bay and rolling hills that you can see around every street corner but also the people and relaxed vibe. Of course there are downsides like the agonizingly unreliable public transit system and wantrepreneurs present at every party, but overall this is quite a charming town.


San Francisco has very distinct districts, but (for better or for worse) most tourists never venture outside of Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, and North Beach. Here’s a handy map to get you oriented.

Hayes Valley. This is where I’ve been fortunate enough to have a shoebox where I can store my stuff and my bed and occasionally stay at night. It’s a charming district filled with pretentious little boutiques, macaroon shops, and a store dedicated to only things you can bring on flights. Yeah, really. During the day, ladies that lunch and people with dogs come out in droves to Patricia’s Green so they can talk about which nearby coffee kiosk is better (Ritual or Blue Bottle) as they snack on their ice cream made in under a minute using some fancy liquid nitrogen machine. It’s a sunny paradise full of happy people and frolicking dogs that used to be shrouded under a highway until that huge earthquake in 1989.

The Mission. This is where I spend approximately 90% of my conscious time… when I’m working or playing. It’s actually kind of sad. All my tech nerd and hipster friends go here to gentrify the historically Hispanic hub with their cheese stores, pop up brunch restaurants, fixie-only bike shops, and establishments where bacon flows more freely than water. There are some outstanding eateries here and a park where grownups go to dance around in drum circles, play catch, and lick ice cream cones. The Mission is also the center for street art, vibrant street culture, and taquerias in San Francisco!

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