Insider’s Guide to the Worlds Happiest Destinations

In celebration of the United Nation’s International Happiness Day, we asked Insiders  from the 10 happiest cities on the planet* to tell us what makes their cities so special. Here’s what they told us. * According to Anholt’s Nation Brands Index 10. Buenos Aires Buenos Aires is sometimes referred to as the Paris of South America. Buenos Aires has taken created a cosmopolitan center from the … Continue reading Insider’s Guide to the Worlds Happiest Destinations

Vote for Vayable’s Most Unusual Experience!

Top 10 Most Unusual Experiences Over coffee this weekend, someone asked me what makes Vayable so special. The answer? Our guides connect people to one-of-a kind experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. Testing this theory, today we scoured our pages in search of the most unusual tours out there. Here’s what we came up with: Vayable’s first Top 10 Unusual Experiences (in no particular order). Ninja … Continue reading Vote for Vayable’s Most Unusual Experience!

Flea Market Survival Guide

by Adriani León, Vayable Intern Next time you are traveling and want to get your family a gift that is representative of them or your adventures abroad, consider buying your gifts at a flea market! Flea markets offer a marketplace with wide ranges of items to please all tastes and budgets. The items there also tell a rich story about the culture and people of … Continue reading Flea Market Survival Guide