Creating the Perfect Vayable Experience

The perfect Vayable experience is made up of three things:

You have insider knowledge in and relationships with a specific topic, neighborhood and/or community. Whether it’s street art, food, outdoor activities, or hidden secrets of your city, your passion for it is palpable and you enjoy sharing your insights with others.

You get to design the blueprint of your experience, the structure that transform your interests and ideas into an experience others can enjoy. In storytelling terms, it’s mapping out your ideas into a beginning, middle and end to create something unique and meaningful to share with others.

You have passion and you’ve given it structure, now it’s time to share it. Travelers say the single thing that make their experiences memorable is the connection they feel with their guide. The secret to building a strong connection with your travelers is to know your audience. Find ways to relate to their travelers and respond to their interests and needs.

Step I: Ideation– Coming up with an experience to offer

    1. Pick a theme you love: start with completing the following sentence: I am an insider in______. I love______. I enjoy spending my time_____.
    2. Design it: Create an itinerary that has a beginning, middle and an end. If your theme is “underground ethnic food,” you may choose to traverse the globe east to west via the food cards in Queens.
    3. Make it appealing: make sure the theme and design is something that will appeal to a wide variety of travelers.


Step II: Listing your experience

    1. Title: Tell the traveler exactly what this experience is. The title is all the traveler will initially see, so make sure it’s clear and concise. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to be cute and creative later. (Example: Midnight Street Food Crawl)
    2. Address: Indicate the specific location (address, city, country) where your traveler should meet you. (Example: 123 Flushing St., Queens, New York)
    3. Description: This is the place to give travelers a deeper understanding of what this experience is. It’s great to explain the experience at a high level (Example: “this is about discovering ethnic foods,” but also make sure to lay out specifics “we will visit 5 food trucks in the Jackson Heights neighborhood in Queens.”) Go into as much detail as possible without making the description boring. Your prose, style and personality should reflect the experience accurately. Make sure to note what is included in your experience (ie: food, transportation, admission fees to museums etc.)
    4. Itinerary: Let travelers know the stops you’ll be making on the tour and the general outline of the day so they know what to expect and how to prepare.
    5. Availability: If you offer your experience at certain times/days, indicate that here.
    6. Price: The most successful guides on Vayable start off by offering their experience at a lower price than normal to attract the first travelers. Once you get some reviews ands people start spreading the word, you can adjust your prices to match the demand. The best way to figure out your initial price is to look at the prices of similar experiences on Vayable and also for similar things in your city. Also think about the time you’re spending and factor in any overhead costs.
    7. Photos. Photos. Photos. Photographs are one of your most powerful tools in telling the story of your experience and making it appealing to others. Make sure to upload high-quality photos that truly capture your experience and give people an impression of what it’s like to partake in it.

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