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Congrats, you got your first booking– it’s go time!  Learn how to lead an experience your travelers (and you) will never forget.





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One thought on “Resources

  1. Hola
    Having followed Vayable since its inception and having just (August 1) moved from Auburn, California to Pedasi, Panama, I will begin learning about the local area and develop some tours. Pedasi is about 5 hours West of Panama City and is 30 minutes East of Playa Venao, the site of the 2011 BillaBong Surfing Championships. Pedasi is also known for it fantastic beaches and that it is the fishing kick off point for “The Tuna Coast.” The local fishermen arrive daily at Arenal beach at night with their Tuna that they unload into waiting trucks to rush to market.
    Also I am jealous that I am NOT an insider, how do I get my secret decoder ring with “THE Password?”
    Hasta Luego,
    Mikkel from Pedasi

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