Sailing the Bay with Captain Bob

One of our popular experiences in San Francisco is a private sail around the bay with Captain Bob. This is a relaxing and beautiful way to take in the city from the serenity of a sailboat. Captain Bob’s guests generously let me tag along to take in the sites with them. At the start of the tour, Captain Bob initiated fun conversations with stories about sailing and Bay Area … Continue reading Sailing the Bay with Captain Bob

Get Shot in LA on FataLAtour

There’s the Los Angeles on the silver screen, the Los Angeles in television news, and the Los Angeles in reality TV. And then there’s real life in LA. FataLAtour mixes reality in La La Land even more. What’s it like to get shot? How do the body and mind react? FataLAtour explores the process the mind and body endure when it believes it’s been shot. Whether the … Continue reading Get Shot in LA on FataLAtour

On Authenticity

Whenever people ask us why they should take Vayable tours, we always talk about the idea of authenticity. Wikipedia defines authenticity as “the truthfulness of origins, attributions, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions.” In the modern world “authenticity” can mean almost anything. It can mean identifying with “alternative” lifestyles and tastes; it can mean being effortlessly cool; it can mean being all natural without artificial flavors … Continue reading On Authenticity

Experience the National Conventions!

Politicians won’t be the only big, bad cats on the block in Tampa, FL this August. The Big Cat Reserve lets visitors interact with big cats with their Keeper for a Day Tour. Does the high of a political convention make you regret forsaking your ambition to become a secret agent? You know it does. Would flying a fighter jet ease the pain of this … Continue reading Experience the National Conventions!

London’s Top Street Food Markets

by Matthew Lee, our street food and all-things-hipster specialist in London. London once had a lousy reputation for food, but then something changed. Perhaps it’s due to TV chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver bringing fine dining to our living rooms. Or maybe living in a city where over 300 languages are spoken has helped our conservative English palates discover there’s more to … Continue reading London’s Top Street Food Markets

Have a Gay ‘ol Time at Pride!

San Francisco’s Pride celebration is the largest LGBT gathering in the nation, reflective of the open and loving culture of the Bay Area as a whole. This year’s theme is global equality with a focus on social, political, and educational advocacy for LGBT people around the world. We’re celebrating Pride here in San Francisco, and we hope you have a gay ‘ol time no matter … Continue reading Have a Gay ‘ol Time at Pride!

Walk Like An Egyptian

by Doug, a camel farmer based in Texas and Egypt. He offers 10+ day all-inclusive trips in Egypt, where you can live the local way of life and also explore the beautiful country. Wasta is Arabic for “connections,” and I like to think travelers on my experience have wasta the minute they sit and eat with the Egyptian families on my guided tours of Egypt and Sinai. … Continue reading Walk Like An Egyptian