Meet Our Vayable Ambassador to Paris, Johanna!

At Vayable, we’ve gotten the pleasure to get to know Johanna, one of our Vayable Ambassadors to Paris, during our Europe Tour and also with all those fancy tools you can use to communicate across the globe! She’s a friendly, passionate, and vibrant individual that absolutely loves our community and all things travel! If you have any questions about creating an experience on Vayable, what to … Continue reading Meet Our Vayable Ambassador to Paris, Johanna!

Vayable Goes to Milan

Vayable was a featured startup at Social Media Week in Milan this year, where our founders, Shelly Roche and Jamie Wong, took center stage on a panel on women and the web at the Italian tech festival. They spent the week on multiple panels, chatting with their Italian counterparts about everything from security, to quality of life, to how to launch a startup. Together with … Continue reading Vayable Goes to Milan

Europe Tour 2011: Secret Athens

by Jamie Wong, founder of Vayable. This post is part of our European tour series.  There’s a reason I had never before been to Athens. It gets a bad rap. As far as European capitals go, travelers typically omit it from must-see list, despite its historical prowess.  Unlike Rome or Paris, Athen’s glory days have not translated into a modern wonder.  In fact, the most … Continue reading Europe Tour 2011: Secret Athens