Trust and Safety Features on Vayable

At Vayable, we want to ensure the best experience for everyone and build a friendly, trustworthy community. We’ve actually been implementing these things from our side for a while, but we want to make it official and as transparent as possible for everyone! For explorers. We are personally meeting each and every guide that lists an experience on Vayable either face-to-face, via a video call, or through … Continue reading Trust and Safety Features on Vayable

Vayable Ambassadors

What is the Vayable Ambassador Program? The Vayable Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for connectors, trend-spotters, and organizers in the community to be a part of the Vayable team. As an Ambassador, you will play a pivotal role in a global movement to change the way people experience the world, while representing Vayable in your hometown and enjoying unique privileges as a Vayable insider. … Continue reading Vayable Ambassadors

Hooray! We’re Launching in NYC!

We’re skipping across the country and launching in New York City today! Opening our doors in New York is like coming home. Jamie spent years years acting as an impromptu tour guide for visitors and taking them to awesome places in the city and came up with the idea while working at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  Now, less than four months after launching in … Continue reading Hooray! We’re Launching in NYC!