Now It’s Easier Than Ever to Book (and offer) an Experience as Unique as You

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with our friends at Stripe, one of the fastest growing and best online payment companies in the world, to bring our insiders and travelers the absolute best global payment experience possible. We’ve been hard at work to revolutionize the payment experience for online travel booking, and with Stripe’s leading global payment platform, we can now deliver the fastest, most … Continue reading Now It’s Easier Than Ever to Book (and offer) an Experience as Unique as You

Introducing: The Calendar and Scheduling

This month we are spreading the love with a slew of new features! You’ve been asking for it, so we built it for you! We are taking the calendar for guides out of beta and releasing it for everyone to start entering events and blackout times.   Add events. Go on auto-pilot!  Whether you want to create a single event or schedule repeating tours — … Continue reading Introducing: The Calendar and Scheduling

Vayable Guides Go Moo

We’re excited to have partnered with our favorite printing service, Moo to bring you premium, beautiful Vayable business cards for free! All you have to do is pay for shipping. Show off your experience in style; give some cards to your favorite hosts, friends, neighborhood joints, and travel minded people to spread the word about your experience  Thanks to our wonderful designer, Beau, we have some … Continue reading Vayable Guides Go Moo

The Vayable Community + Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has affected hundreds of our guides and community members living and traveling to NYC or any other city affected by Sandy.  The biggest concern is staying safe, staying warm, and being able to connect with your loved ones to make sure they know you’re ok. What we’re doing to help: Free shelter:  We are offering FREE ACCOMMODATION at an Airbnb to any Vayable guides or … Continue reading The Vayable Community + Hurricane Sandy

Work With Us!

Recently our little team finished Y Combinator and raised more money than we can fit under our beds. Long story short, we’re hiring for positions in our beautiful, charming San Francisco office. We believe in empowering people to make a living doing what they love and creating a world where having a passion in something is your source of financial stability. Technology should make our lives … Continue reading Work With Us!

Become a Vayable Maven (or recommend one)

At the heart of Vayable is a growing community of savvy local experts and travelers in the know. They’ve journeyed off the beaten path to discover gems to share with the rest of our savvy travel community. Vayable is now offering the opportunity to get involved in more ways than just offering experiences. Anyone can now become a Vayable Maven.  If you have recommendations and … Continue reading Become a Vayable Maven (or recommend one)

Public Experiences on Vayable

We’ve created a lot of great offline connections between local guides and curious explorers, resulting in lasting friendships, dinner party partners, and across-the-pond neighbors. Since you love meeting one another and have been asking for a way to meet other fellow travelers, we’re introducing public experiences on Vayable. All bookings now default to public unless you choose to make it private. Others can join in on existing … Continue reading Public Experiences on Vayable

The Sharing Economy in San Francisco

As a hub of technological development and innovation, San Francisco is oftentimes the breeding ground for entirely new industries and economies. As these new economies grow, the city inevitably becomes involved in issues that other local governments have never before had to experience. Just last week, there was a hearing at City Hall to discuss a proposal to charge residents who rent rooms out on … Continue reading The Sharing Economy in San Francisco

Announcing Gift Cards: Give Happiness!

Just in time for the holidays, we are announcing Vayable Gift Cards! Whether you’re trying to find the perfect gift for your favorite world travelers, urban explorers, or curious knowledge seekers, you can now purchase amazing experiences for them on Vayable. Whether it’s an invigorating sail on the Mediterranean Sea or a mouth-watering food tour through rich cultures in New York City, there’s something for … Continue reading Announcing Gift Cards: Give Happiness!

For a Limited Time: Treat a Friend for Halloween!

At Vayable, we’re celebrating Halloween with a treat for our community! Book a Vayable experience before the clock strikes midnight on Monday, Oct 31, and bring a friend along for free! We love holidays at Vayable. They remind us to break out of our day-to-day and explore something new. Halloween is about more than dressing up, it’s about breaking out of the ordinary and stepping … Continue reading For a Limited Time: Treat a Friend for Halloween!