Happy Holidays from Vayable!

What happens when you bring together a sommelier, a crepe maker, a portrait artist, and the vibrant characters that represent San Francisco? A Vayable night full of conversation, laughter, and ideas. The Vayable secret holiday party last week in our home base of San Francisco was an incredible gathering of travelers, guides, and friends. With the holidays about us, it’s a good time to celebrate … Continue reading Happy Holidays from Vayable!

Trip in Golden Gate Park: Hunting for Magical Mushrooms

You’d think that all the psychedelic mushrooms in Golden Gate Park would have been meticulously identified and documented by now since it’s the home of the Summer of Love and all. But alas, hippies with a predilection for psychedelics are not necessarily the most well-versed in Latin taxonomy or DNA sequencing. Alan Rockefeller, a mycologist who has spent the last ten years collecting and identifying mushrooms, has … Continue reading Trip in Golden Gate Park: Hunting for Magical Mushrooms

Secret Party in New York City @ The Back Room

Mix a connoisseur of the best treats in Chinatown, a rooftop bar hopper and a foodie from Queens and you get what only a New York Vayable community can serve-up – some great New York insider tips and a lovely meet-up. These were just some of the tour guides that attended the Vayable family meet-up at the Back Room, the Lower East Side speakeasy. Sipping … Continue reading Secret Party in New York City @ The Back Room

Vayable Guides Go Moo

We’re excited to have partnered with our favorite printing service, Moo to bring you premium, beautiful Vayable business cards for free! All you have to do is pay for shipping. Show off your experience in style; give some cards to your favorite hosts, friends, neighborhood joints, and travel minded people to spread the word about your experience  Thanks to our wonderful designer, Beau, we have some … Continue reading Vayable Guides Go Moo

Work With Us!

Recently our little team finished Y Combinator and raised more money than we can fit under our beds. Long story short, we’re hiring for positions in our beautiful, charming San Francisco office. We believe in empowering people to make a living doing what they love and creating a world where having a passion in something is your source of financial stability. Technology should make our lives … Continue reading Work With Us!

On Authenticity

Whenever people ask us why they should take Vayable tours, we always talk about the idea of authenticity. Wikipedia defines authenticity as “the truthfulness of origins, attributions, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions.” In the modern world “authenticity” can mean almost anything. It can mean identifying with “alternative” lifestyles and tastes; it can mean being effortlessly cool; it can mean being all natural without artificial flavors … Continue reading On Authenticity