Nomadic thoughts

I’ve always liked the idea of myself as a nomad, an itchy-footed wanderluster who can get by anywhere. Since I finished school I’ve spent half my life overseas, not because I want to escape my hometown, but because I’m greedy. One life is not enough for me. I want several versions of my life, in several countries. To create the sense I have a new life somewhere, I … Continue reading Nomadic thoughts

Dive In – A Nashville Bar Crawl

When Ryan promises Nashville’s diviest dive bars, he’s not lying. Just look at Dino’s, our first stop, where Ryan looked surprisingly cheery for a man who’s just found out he’s not allowed to pack heat. Nashvillians are possibly the friendliest people on earth and Ryan – who doesn’t really carry a firearm, by the way – is no exception. He’s spent much of his twenties traveling … Continue reading Dive In – A Nashville Bar Crawl

The world’s first toilet tour

At least we think it’s the world’s first toilet tour. Art Meets Function is a London walk led by Rachel, a public toilet aficionado. Rachel is a native of California who’s fallen helplessly in love with the English capital. A student of theater, she’s discovered that tragedy and comedy in London are by no means limited to the stage. The city streets are weighed down by thousands of years of human … Continue reading The world’s first toilet tour

Rediscovering the Mission

I’ll never forget my first taste of the Mission. It was the winter of 2000 and the grey clouds over the Bay Area were protesting the result of that presidential election by refusing to shift. I exited the BART at Mission & 16th and walked straight into a rainstorm. I hazily recall my sodden search for somewhere with a roof and my enormous relief when I spotted the … Continue reading Rediscovering the Mission