Weird Meat in Shanghai

“People will eat anything with four legs except a table,” says Jamie, our adventurous Shanghai guide who runs an amazing Weird Meat tour. “And they’ll eat anything with wings except an plane.” There are some foods in China you’re unlikely to find on sale in your local supermarket. You’re not going to see ox penis in the meat section of Wal-Mart. There’s no McMonkey Brains on … Continue reading Weird Meat in Shanghai

Atlanta’s hidden gems

“I’ve heard people say that so many times,” says Sara when I admit that the only thing I’ve seen in Atlanta is the airport. “It’s such a shame because there’s so much to discover here.” Here are Sara’s top ten tips for a trip to Atlanta: 1) The BeltLine “The BeltLine is an old railroad that’s being converted into an urban park. It’s still in development, but … Continue reading Atlanta’s hidden gems

The story behind FataLAtour

Vayable was created to be a marketplace for unique travel experiences, and travel experiences don’t get more unique than FataLAtour, a thought-provoking, fake blood-splattering tour of Los Angeles involving specially designed SFX packs and a beguiling blend of fact and fiction. Every time you walk past the location of either a real or movie murder, there’s a bang and a burst of blood. It’s hard … Continue reading The story behind FataLAtour

A different perspective on San Francisco

Milton’s Vayable experience in the Tenderloin was not my first homelessness tour. I’ve been on London walks run by Unseen Tours, a wonderful social enterprise which trains homeless people to become guides and earn an income showing people the city from their perspective. I was taken round east London by a man I’d walked past a thousand times; me en route to the office, him asking for … Continue reading A different perspective on San Francisco

The ghosts of Fort Pickens

It’s strange how people seem to love being scared witless when they’re on vacation. You can find ghost tours all over the world – we’ve even got a fantastic one in Buenos Aires, Argentina – but we’ve never seen anything quite like Terry’s Vayable experience in Florida. This isn’t just the chance to hear a few mildly scary stories. This is a man who says he hears … Continue reading The ghosts of Fort Pickens

Great food cites: 2) Istanbul

One of the most satisfying European eating experiences can be found a couple of metres from the continent’s eastern edge. Along the banks of the Bosphorus River, which separates Europe and Asia, kitchens on boats gaudily decorated in red and green neon prepare balik ekmek, a simple fish sandwich. For two or three dollars, you’ll get a grilled mackerel fillet stuffed in a crusty roll … Continue reading Great food cites: 2) Istanbul

Skeeball with Joey the Cat

Joey the Cat is America’s best skeeball player so we’re delighted to present his skee-tastic new San Francisco experience. If you don’t know skeeball by name, you’ll recognise it from your childhood – it’s a classic arcade game where you roll balls up a ramp and hopefully into holes. As well as being at the top of his game, Joey runs a skeeball business, renting out beautiful machines … Continue reading Skeeball with Joey the Cat