Announcing Vayable’s first Community Photo Contest

Calling all photographers! Vayable is searching for beautiful photos that, besides technical quality and composition, showcase the unexpected and capture the magic of a place. Enter photographs in any of our categories — NY, SF, London, Paris, Barcelona, Rio, Istanbul, Buenos Aires and Wild Card Travel — and compete to win cash and prizes. We are looking to highlight photos in all these cities and beyond … Continue reading Announcing Vayable’s first Community Photo Contest

Announcing: Vayable Ambassadors

  When George W Bush was up for reelection, I kept hearing my friend’s parents say that if “He gets reelected I’m leaving the country.”  Of course, he did get reelected and they did NOT move out of the country.  And it left me disappointed because I imagined these fabulous baby boomers becoming expats: leaving their home city, state or country and really entrenching themselves … Continue reading Announcing: Vayable Ambassadors