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Vayable is a social marketplace, similar to Ebay, that allows people to buy and sell experiences from one another.  It is an website, a marketplace, and most importantly, a community.

Vayablog tells the story of our community, chronicling where we come from and where we’re going.  We invite you to join us on this journey, to read, write, tweet and participate this global adventure from wherever you are.

Welcome aboard!


The Vayablog Team

3 thoughts on “About

  1. i’m a tour guide here in Battambang and in Siem reap, Cambodia, i have worked as a tour guide for 4 years now, so i speak very good English and Thai, if you you guys would like to come you can contact me as your guide, i hope you will like the way i show you,
    all the best


  2. i am a Tour Operator in Bhutan. Ever since i have established my company, i have looked forward to serve the humanity with utmost quality services. I believe you would like Cultural, countryside, local activities, traditional art, education, and cuisine to be the part of your travel plan. Well planning a Bhutan trip also means making our clients aware of Bhutan. This starts with few sample trip plans, on which client tells us what he likes and what part he does not, and there after we get back to drawing board and work out as a perfect trip plan as per his guidance.
    so well if your ever plan for Bhutan then we are right here for you to show the way towards “The Land Of Thunder Dragon” , so called as Bhutan. ( Experience paradise right here in Bhutan).
    Kadrenchoe ( Thank You)


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