Game of Thrones Travel Destinations

Travel experiences set around favorite TV shows, books and movies are more popular than ever! Nowhere is this truer than with Game of Thrones experiences. HBO even made that part of their promotional tour—hiding the Iron Throne in six locations worldwide for fans to find them as part of their “Quest for the Throne.” Did any of you find them?

Show your allegiance to the Starks and Targaryens (spoiler?) in Winterfell, the Kings Road, and Dragonstone (you recognize those stairs right?) in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Cersei fan? Visit King’s Landing in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Or just get some Dornish wine in Seville, Spain, or if you don’t mind the cold, go North of the Wall in Iceland! You can reach out to the guides to set up your own custom Game of Thrones tours or just email me and I can do it for you! Pro-tip: If you’re headed to Belfast, don’t miss the GoT Exhibition.

If Game of Thrones is not your thing (I’m sure there are a few of you! 😉), there are other shows’ film locations you can visit. Live out your psycho-killer fantasies in London, Paris and Berlin by checking out the Killing Eve filming locations. Or if you’re more of a book person, you can now do tours in Elena Ferrante’s Naples, the location of the My Brilliant Friend series. There aren’t any Vayable tours yet, given that you’d have to traverse a few countries but if you’re going to one of those cities, we can definitely hook you up with a guide in that city that would be happy to custom make a tour for you.

Or just take a more general tour of some of the most famous filming locations in major cities like this tour in New York that takes you to all the famous landmarks, or this literary pub crawl in London where you’ll visit all the pubs famous British writers frequented back in the day.

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