Vayable Runs for Boston

We were deeply saddened by the tragic events of last week at the Boston Marathon. Stories of people turning back  to help those in need and runners going straight from the finish line to donate blood at the hospital serve as a reminder that we, as a community, in the face of adversity, are resilient and good to one another.


We’ve been touched by the outpouring of support from our community. Our guides around the country have volunteered to lead runs as a fundraiser to help people most affected by the events of April 15.

On Sunday, April 28 no matter where you are and what shape you’re in, we will all run for Boston. Sign up for Vayable Runs for Boston by booking the event in your city. Over the week we’ll keep up updated by amounts raised by each city. All proceeds (including fees) go to the One Fund Boston.

Don’t see your city but want to lead a run? Sign up here to lead your own! Anyone can make a difference by just going on a run!

On April 28, we are all runners, and we are all Bostonians.

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