The award goes to… Dublin’s ghost bus!


Votes came streaming in all week and the results are finally in. And the winner of Vayable’s most unusual experience goes to… The Gravedigger Ghost Bus in Dublin!

Our friends over in Ireland are on to something… If a pub crawl and dramatized plague ghost stories are not an unusual way to spend an evening, then I don’t know what is.

  Experience # FB likes @ start # FB likes @ end # increase
1 Gravedigger ghost bus ride in Dublin, Ireland 1 207 206
2 Hairy crab snacks and a vintage 1950s sidecar ride in Shanghai, China 0 64 64
3 Ninja training in Kita, Japan 4 36 32
4 Introduction to Barcelona’s stunning nude beach 0 18 18
5 Hang out with a rapper in Rio’s favelas 7 19 12
6 Macaroon tour of Paris, France 0 4 4
7/8 Bollywood behind the scenes in Mumbai, India 1 3 2
7/8 Video document your adventure in Berlin, Germany 0 2 2
9 Stripper lessons in Vegas, NV or San Francisco, CA 0 1 1
10 Thrift shopping with new gay bff in New York, NY 0 0 0

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