Announcing: Vayable Ambassadors


When George W Bush was up for reelection, I kept hearing my friend’s parents say that if “He gets reelected I’m leaving the country.”  Of course, he did get reelected and they did NOT move out of the country.  And it left me disappointed because I imagined these fabulous baby boomers becoming expats: leaving their home city, state or country and really entrenching themselves somewhere else, becoming a true local.  Think of all the intrigue, the rites of passage and the cultural shift that happens every day! I wanted to live vicariously through them because, personally, I am not strong enough to leave my freedom fries for more than a few months.

But it turns out there is a shortcut to becoming a local anywhere in the world and Vayable Guides are it! Since our launch, our guide community has grown exponentially and among these guides there are some that we can truly call an Ambassador: someone who entrenches themselves in a culture and people and can give you access whenever you might want it or need it.  These guides are making Vayable even better than we thought possible.

Since it is St. Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be appropriate to launch our Vayable Ambassador program.  Think of it as one big Valentine to the guides who are going out on the most tours, getting the most reviews and being role models.  Want to know more? Head on over to our Ambassador page.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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