Atlanta’s hidden gems


“I’ve heard people say that so many times,” says Sara when I admit that the only thing I’ve seen in Atlanta is the airport. “It’s such a shame because there’s so much to discover here.” Here are Sara’s top ten tips for a trip to Atlanta:

1) The BeltLine
The BeltLine is an old railroad that’s being converted into an urban park. It’s still in development, but already there is a paved section that’s several miles long and it’s a great place to head to on a nice day. The idea is that there will eventually be a trolley going round the city with lots of biking opportunities, cafes with patios and beautiful green spaces.”

2) Eddie’s Attic
“This intimate acoustic venue is in Decatur, a really fun neighborhood. Eddie’s Attic has good food, a great atmosphere, and every night there’s somebody really fantastic playing. The last great show I saw here was The Civil Wars – it was a really memorable concert.”

3) Sweetwater Brewery
“This is our most popular local beer and they have a wonderful brewery space that’s open Fridays and Saturdays. They started really small and now you can find Sweetwater Brewery beer all over the country.”

4) Oakland Cemetery
Oakland Cemetery is an amazing place to walk around and take pictures. There are so many interesting people buried here such as Bobby Jones, the founder of the Augusta golf tournament, and the views of the city are spectacular.”

5) Whole World Improv Theater
Whole World is a comedy venue that’s been around forever. They’ve stayed in the same Midtown spot, just doing their thing, and the improv comedy is always great. Lots of talented local comedians and actors perform here.”

6) Fernbank Museum of Natural History
There’s always something interesting going on at Fernbank. I love their ‘Martinis & IMAX’ night – great cocktails and movies on the big screen.


7) Fat Matt’s Rib Shack
Fat Matt’s has never changed over the years. It’s a real hole-in-the-wall place, a contender for the best BBQ in town. It’s only got about 15 tables so you have to squeeze in and there’s live music most nights. I always get the BBQ pork with coleslaw. And maybe a little sweet potato pie.”

8) Little Five Points
“This is Atlanta’s most eclectic neighborhood. It’s really music-oriented, there are plenty of tattoo shops, and it’s a place where anything goes. Don’t miss The Vortex, home to a great atmosphere and the best burgers in town.”

9) Clarmont Lounge
“The Clarmont Lounge is an Atlanta institution. It’s a crummy old hotel with a nightclub at the back. There’s a lounge bar that houses the city’s oldest strip club, and definitely the city’s oldest strippers – its unofficial motto is “where strippers go to die”. Of course it’s adults only and not for everyone, but it’s got so much character.”


10) The Swan House
The Swan House is such a hidden gem. It’s attached to the Atlanta History Center, a coach house in the Buckhead district, which is known for its old money and big homes. It’s just an amazing place to go for brunch, lunch or dinner.”

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