Secret Party in New York City @ The Back Room

Mix a connoisseur of the best treats in Chinatown, a rooftop bar hopper and a foodie from Queens and you get what only a New York Vayable community can serve-up – some great New York insider tips and a lovely meet-up. These were just some of the tour guides that attended the Vayable family meet-up at the Back Room, the Lower East Side speakeasy.


Sipping on signature cocktails from tea cups in the Victorian-styled bar, our CEO, Jamie, who had flown in from San Francisco, and the New York tour guides, talked about their wonderful tours and got to know others passionate about New York.


After a lovely night, Jeffrey mentioned he was leading his infamous tastes of Queens tour the next day and extended an invitation to the other tour guides of New York. Clearly this meet-up is has just been the catalyst in bringing together the ever-growing New York Vayable family!

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