The Vayable Community + Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has affected hundreds of our guides and community members living and traveling to NYC or any other city affected by Sandy.  The biggest concern is staying safe, staying warm, and being able to connect with your loved ones to make sure they know you’re ok.

What we’re doing to help:

Free shelter:  We are offering FREE ACCOMMODATION at an Airbnb to any Vayable guides or travelers who have booked Vayable experiences in NYC and are without shelter.  We’ll pick up the tab for you for three nights if you find yourself without a safe place to stay.

Charge up: For any Vayable guides and travelers in NYC without electricity, we will help you find some through our network in NYC.

24/7 Concierge: From now until November 7, we are offering our concierge services for free to anyone who needs help with travel arrangements, finding accommodation  food, electricity or needs help contacting family and friends. Simply email and put “SANDY” in the subject.

How you can help:

Those in NYC: 

  1. If you have accommodation to offer, extra warmth, food, transportation or an electrical outlet, please contact us at and we will add you to our helpers list for those in need.
  2. Share your stories:  The news media struggles to surface the real stories of what’s happening, leaving those of us outside of NYC ignorant and ill-informed.  Please let us know how you are, what’s happened and share you experience with us.  Leave a comment here, tweet us @vayable or post to our Facebook Wall to help inform the rest of the world and allow us to support you.

Those outside NYC: 

  1. Email us at if you’d like to volunteer to help as a remote concierge to our travelers and guides in NYC who may need help with logistics and travel plans.
  2. If you have any friends or family in NYC who are willing to open up their homes to others in the community, please let us know.


Make sure to stay informed through these local resources.

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