Science Meets History with the Invented in SF Walking Tour

I am intrigued by good historical tour and I love to learn about science. Robin marries the two with the Invented in SF Walking Tour. This is a history tour of San Francisco with a twist of science. Or is it a science tour with a twist of history?

Robin kicks the tour off with introductions and a fun ice breaker, by asking us “What have you invented?” I dished my secret of putting cinnamon in cream cheese frosting for carrot cake, which I am 100% to 65% sure I’m the first to do. I learned of other things our group mates invented from creative to practical to ingenious.

We explored a 2.3 mile course in the city and stopped along the way to learn the interesting stories of inventions. You may have heard that Levi’s were invented in San Francisco, well Robin has the details. She’ll also share stories of clever food and technology inventions all while exploring the beautiful scenery of San Francisco.

The highlight of tour from my perspective is learning how to shape fortune cookies. This is where I can tell Robin used to work with the Exploratorium. She is great about translating concepts to fun hands on activities. Folding a fortune cookie is not as intuitive as I’d thought. And we were using silicone! Shaping a fortune cookie out of dough is a whole other level of skill.

What I found especially interesting about this tour is my group mates weren’t all from out of town. In fact, almost everyone was a Bay Area resident. An afternoon exploring innovation in San Francisco doesn’t just appeal to travelers. Locals love to learn about our legends too.

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