Feast Your Eyes: An Afternoon With an SF Foodie

What makes Samir’s Eat Like a Local in SF tour unique? His relationships with the people you meet along the way give you an insider’s look into the neighborhood’s food culture. It’s not about posh restaurants or fads, it’s about the simple beauty of good food locals love.

I could tell you all the places we stopped along the way, but I think I’ll tease you with photos instead. I can’t ruin the surprises! I will tell you that this is a tour of great food on 24th Street in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco.

We hit a variety of places – from taquerias, to a family coffee shop, to an under the radar restaurant. There were few detours along the way too. There was some ogling of fresh produce and an impromptu side trip to a few colorful murals.

My favorite stop was at a restaurant Samir used to work at. Here we hung out with a chef who is full on fanatic about food. He talked a mile a minute about obscure vegetables, gave me a few flowers to nibble on, made me a snack and basically blew my food-loving mind.

Check out our SF food tours!

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