Photos from a Bike Tour in San Francisco

I saw more of San Francisco in three hours than I’d seen in a month on the Bike the City in 3 Hours tour. The mobility of a bike allowed us to breeze by bus stops and traffic jams. Not to mention, the view from a bike is so relaxing. Beebe started off the tour by making sure our bikes and helmets all fit well and gave us a quick orientation about what to expect on the road. Then we were off for a crash course in the city, without the crashing part.

We visited some of San Francisco’s most iconic sites, such as the Painted Ladies, the street murals in the Mission neighborhood and San Francisco City Hall. I loved listening to interesting facts and stories at each site. I’ve impressed quite a few friends with stories I heard on this tour. Did you know Victorian houses are often colorfully painted to show of their embellishments and architectural details?

Viewing the street art in the Mission was my favorite stop. I loved weaving through the alleys to see the layers of history and art. Beebe showed us some popular artists’ work and shared a bit of the back story behind the pieces. I love looking for Bode pieces on my walks through San Francisco now.

The best part about this tour is the ability to see so many places in the city with the comfort of a bike. We didn’t have to deal with stop-and-go buses or out-of-the-way routes. We were also mobile enough to explore park trails and park our bikes at interesting stops. Without a bike, I’d stayed in the parts of the city with efficient public transportation. Now, I’ve converted. Biking is my new favorite way to explore San Francisco.

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