Sailing the Bay with Captain Bob

One of our popular experiences in San Francisco is a private sail around the bay with Captain Bob. This is a relaxing and beautiful way to take in the city from the serenity of a sailboat. Captain Bob’s guests generously let me tag along to take in the sites with them.

At the start of the tour, Captain Bob initiated fun conversations with stories about sailing and Bay Area history.  I loved his anecdotes about Treasure Island, Alcatraz and San Francisco landmarks. He takes great care of his guests by making sure everyone has food, drinks and a comfortable view. He even let me explore the bow to take some photos.

As we peacefully cruised around the bay, we saw typical sites in the bay such as, the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz and the Ferry Building. We were also lucky enough to watch dolphins leap through the water!

Captain Bob has over 35 years of experience sailing and made us feel completely comfortable as he navigated the waters with ease.

Visitors will love this experience for the beautiful views of the city and water. Locals will love this chance to relax outside of the city for an afternoon. Mostly, this is the perfect way to spend time with the people you love or would like to know more!

One thought on “Sailing the Bay with Captain Bob

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