Get Shot in LA on FataLAtour

There’s the Los Angeles on the silver screen, the Los Angeles in television news, and the Los Angeles in reality TV. And then there’s real life in LA.

FataLAtour mixes reality in La La Land even more.

What’s it like to get shot? How do the body and mind react?

FataLAtour explores the process the mind and body endure when it believes it’s been shot. Whether the fatal wound was shot on the streets or the screen the episode will become part of your reality. Starting September 10, you’ll be able to book it here.

The FataLAtour App

The FataLAtour app alerts you whenever you are within a one-block radius of a real-life or fictional shooting. You can either follow the FataLAtour map to seek out destinations or keep the app on during your daily walks in the city of Los Angeles. Each alert shares information about the victim’s name, death details and location.

The FataLAtour Experience

Next time you’re in LA arrange a FataLAtour with David. You’ll strap on a FataLAtour (as seen in the videos) and begin walking around the city. When you approach the scene of a real life or fictional shooting, blood packs will burst, simulating a gunshot wound on your shirt. From there the brain takes over.

About Your Guide

David Leonard is a fourth-generation LA native and media artist. He worked in television news for eight years as a photojournalist and reporter. The FataLAtour is the product of his graduate work in Design | Media Arts at UCLA. Check out his personal site and follow FataLAtour on Twitter @FataLAtour.

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