Vayable’s Newsworthy Week

Vayable received some great press this week. The week started off with Business Insider’s article, This Startup Cuts the Time it Takes To Plan A Vacation From 30 Hours To 5 Minutes, which followed up last week’s article The 15 Startups Everyone is Talking About in Silicon Valley Right Now. The articles share that it usually takes 30 hours to plan a trip. Vayable shortens that process to 5 minutes by handling the “nitty gritty details of having a good time while traveling.” A soulful hotel room can be booked in five minutes. Why shouldn’t booking an authentic travel experience by that easy?

Business Insider also shared some lesser known tidbits about Vayable. Did you know we started out as a blog? Jamie used her experience abroad to plan her friend’s trips. She started a blog to share these experiences, which eventually turned into the concept for Vayable. Another interesting fact: the average tour guide makes $130 for a three-hour trip. That’s a decent sum for something you might be doing anyway.

Business Insider also asked Jamie about her experience with Y Combinator. Speaking which, today was Demo Day. This is the culminating day of the three month program. During Demo Day each startup has two minutes to pitch their concept and relevance to a room of investors, press and peers. We are honored to be listed on TechCrunch as The 10 Best Startups From Y Combinator’s S12 Demo Day.

The combination of great press and concluding Y Combinator on a high note make this a week worth celebrating at Vayable. Wait? It’s only Tuesday?

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