Experience the National Conventions!

Politicians won’t be the only big, bad cats on the block in Tampa, FL this August. The Big Cat Reserve lets visitors interact with big cats with their Keeper for a Day Tour. Does the high of a political convention make you regret forsaking your ambition to become a secret agent? You know it does. Would flying a fighter jet ease the pain of this regret? You know it would. If talking politics makes you want to rip your clothes off and run away to a nudist colony. You can try that too. Visitors to the Republican National Convention later this month can now book these experiences and many more on Vayable’s new Experience the RNC website and the Experience the DNC site, which curates unique experiences in Charlotte for the 2012 Democratic National Convention on September 3.

This year, Vayable is bringing  its unique take on travel experiences to the National Conventions  with the launch of ExperiencetheRNC.com and ExperiencetheDNC.com  Vayable is working with local communities in Tampa and Charlotte to provide convention-goers with a deeper, richer way to engage in politics and local life.

Political engagement experiences
Charlotte visitors can connect with the environment with a Canopy zip-line tour meet with local leaders helping end homelessness, learn about a healthy lifestyle on the Preventive Obamacare Tour. In Tampa, FL visitors can release some steam on the Ladies Hog Hunting Tour and 2nd Amendment Tour or learn more about LGBTQ culture on the Gay Pride Tour.

Local life and culture experiences
Need an escape from days of political jabber? Tampa and Charlotte are rich with cultural experiences and outdoor adventure. Visitors in Charlotte, NC can expand their gastronomic horizons with one of Kristi’s fantastic food tours. Choose from the Brew and Chew Tour and the Uptown Chic Behind-the-Scenes tour or both! Kick back in gator country with Alligator Bob in Tampa. Explore the quirky, bohemian NoDa neighborhood at their monthly gallery crawl. Tour the layout and history of the Queen City with Paul, a Charlotte native and local government employee. Find inner peace with paddle boarding and yoga in Tampa. Spike adrenaline levels with an All Sport Pass to the US National Whitewater Center.

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