Have a Gay ‘ol Time at Pride!

San Francisco’s Pride celebration is the largest LGBT gathering in the nation, reflective of the open and loving culture of the Bay Area as a whole. This year’s theme is global equality with a focus on social, political, and educational advocacy for LGBT people around the world. We’re celebrating Pride here in San Francisco, and we hope you have a gay ‘ol time no matter where you are!

Gay BFF Castro Barcrawl – San Francisco, CA

No matter whether you’re gay, straight, or somewhere in between, everyone needs a gay BFF. Jeremy is one of our favorite people to drink with and the very best person to dish with about anything and everything. He’ll take you to the very best bars of the Castro and treat you to a drink or five that are especially designed for you.

Cruisin’ the Castro – San Francisco, CA

Get your learn on with Kathy, who has some sweet knowledge to drop as you cruise around the Castro. Hear stories of Harvey Milk, the first gay bar with windows, and so much more on this fun and informative tour. Kathy has a wonderful story of her own coming out and will help you get plugged into the gay community no matter where you are visiting from.

Do SOHO with Your Gay BFF – New York, NY

If you’re looking to shop till you drop with a sassy and all-knowing gay BFF by your side, look no further. Royce will tell it to you straight that you just don’t look good in those skinny jeans or that you look so fab in that pair of heels. Re-do your wardrobe the right way.

Discover Gay Rio de Janeiro – Rio, Brazil

Catch some rays and discover Rio the right way with Marcelo, who will get you into all the clubs and hot spots where locals go to see and be seen. You’ll also discover the very best highlights and things that Rio has to offer!

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