Celebrate National Bike Month with us!

by Lauren Jow, Vayable Intern

This May, Vayable is honoring National Bike Month with some international bike love. Pedaling through a city is the perfect way to explore it, and your quads will thank you for it too (well, maybe not the next day). Cover more distance than you could on foot without missing out on the sights and smells that define the city you’re visiting.

Worldwide, there twice as many bicycles as cars in existence (one billion, if anyone’s counting). Many people rely on them as a primary mode of transportation, and others ride recreationally, for exercise, or in an effort to conserve the air. Motivations aside, biking has had an immeasurable impact on cultures around the world. Here are some of our favorite bike experiences (search “bike” on Vayable.com for more amazing options).

San Francisco, CA, USA

San Francisco may seem daunting to the bike-curious and inexperienced visitor, but don’t be deterred. Dan and Tim will help you test out the wheels while avoiding the hills and traffic that make the city tricky to maneuver. Check out a few must-see areas, but truly make your time count by learning their secret spots and city trivia. Golden Gate Park, street art, historic architecture and good eats are all mapped out.

San Francisco, CA, USA

The weather is warming up, making this the perfect time to cool off with an ice cream bike tour of San Francisco. While biking between three creameries, visit trendy and scenic neighborhoods, learn a little history, talk about the economic ups and downs of communities and independent businesses and break for some serious hipster-spotting and sun bathing. This may be the most quintessential afternoon you could have away from a beach.

Berlin, Germany

Ah, a city that celebrates cyclers day in and day out. Less than half the residents here own a car and motorized traffic yields to bikers (like a Portland, Oregon dream come true). Stay out of the red and you should be golden. If the daytime critical mass is too much to handle, give biking a shot in the dark. Pedaling through a historic city by the light of the moon and lampposts is as romantic as it sounds. Even better, your night’s mission is to check out amazing bars, clubs and cafés around town.

London, England

The upside to all that rain is the expansive green space London offers. And what could be more quaint than a ride that winds through old English neighborhoods and lush parks? Throw in a charming journalist with a smart accent and you should be set. The city’s bike sharing system will seem like a breeze once you learn the ins and out of it.


The best things come with time and effort and this 8-day bike tour of Sicily will be a vacation to remember. It’s history, architecture, ocean, fresh food, wine and more. Imagine yourself biking through dramatic landscapes, visiting unforgettable places and sitting down to the best meal you ever had every night for a week. We’ve yet to hear of a more satisfying week in Italy.

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