On Forbes: The New Way to Travel Cheap

We’re stoked to be covered by Forbes as part of a new way to travel on the cheap!

According to a recent report, fifty-three percent of consumers plan to travel more in 2012 than 2011—an 18 percentage point increase from 2011— despite a lack of confidence in the economy. Additionally, two-thirds of travel-bound consumers plan to increase their travel budgets. However you don’t have to spend more to make your vacation worthwhile; this year, it’s all about alternative destinations and cool search tools to save more money.

These tips for scoring travel deals will get you from office cubicle to beachside cabana without waiting on that tax return. Get ready to choose-your-own-adventure at choose-your-own-budget prices!

1)      Weekend Trip: Create a trip around a cool experience. If relaxing poolside isn’t your idea of a vacation, what about a one-of-a-kind experience led by a local? New site Vayable offers unique activities you can easily build a vacation or staycation around. Created and hosted by people from all over the world, you can explore experiences in categories like Food & Wine, Social Good, and Going Up & Down Things. Here’s a glimpse of your future brag-worthy moments: make a lovo with local Fijians, take a tour of an eco-farm in Costa Rica, take a nightlife tour of Berlin’s decadent underground, or venture into your own backyard and ride a Tesla Roadster in San Francisco or take a tour of New York with a celebrity. Beats Googling “fun stuff to do in ____.”

Cool deal: Most experiences are around the $30-$60 range and as low as $3. More pricey excursions are are in the hundreds of dollars, like $500 for a daylong white water rafting trip in Uganda.


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