Getting to Know Your Own City with the Help of Vayable

by Etan Berkowitz, Vayable ambassador who recently moved to San Francisco

About two months into living in San Francisco, I had done all the touristy things I was supposed to from biking on the Golden Gate Bridge to talking with the sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf. The problem was that I still felt like a tourist, alienated by the fact that I’ve been following the signposts that TripAdvisor, TimeOut, Frommers and some desperate Google searching had laid down for me.

At my very first San Francisco house party, I met a rarity: the city dwelling native. I wasn’t talking to someone of East coast or Northwest descent, but a Folsom blooded local who advised me to check out Tourettes Without Regrets which is a monthly collaborative performance art/freestyle/dance/comedy/music fest.

From beat boxers flowing with guitarists to B-Boy battles to slam poets, there was no end to the creativity on stage. The lovely MC of the night actually threw a real pig heart at an obnoxious audience member. It was Oakland’s version of vaudeville and it was raunchy and entertaining. How else would I have found such a ridiculous event besides from the mouth of a local San Franciscan?

I serendipitously found my guide through a chance meeting at a house party. Vayable is collecting the world’s most unique guides (can I tell you how excited I am for Scout for Street Art?) and putting them at your fingertips. By all means, come to San Francisco and meet the sea lions and gawk at the Golden Gate Bridge, why don’t you go on a hike through SF’s very famous hills? Or go on a Magic Bus ride from the 70s?

The world is your oyster, and let Vayable be your shuck.

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