Vayable Valentine’s Day Guide

by Whitney Eden, contributing writer

Stressed about what do for your sweetheart? Tired of giving the generic dozen red rose and box of waxy Whitman’s chocolates? Let Vayable take the guesswork out of your romantic gesture this Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to sail the Hudson River or make sweet treats together, Vayable offers experiences that will fit every budget and palate.

Dine and Sail the Hudson, around New York City

Feel the wind whipping through your hair, as water placidly laps the hull of the Second Wind. You just ate a delicious 3-course meal with your sweetheart, watching the sun set over the Catskills. As you sip coffee and eat tiramisu, the boat sails back to the marina. You step ashore, feeling transcendent and peaceful. Within two hours, you find yourself back on the New York City streets, wondering if it was just a dream.

Chocolatiering with Friends, San Francisco

Sure, you can walk to your local market, pick out a box of the finest, overpriced artisnal chocolates and call it a day—but where’s the fun in that? Join Ben, a San Francisco foodie and entrepreneur, to learn how to make your own chocolate. He’ll provide the ingredients (local and healthy, of course) and in-depth instructions, and you’ll be left with a batch of tasty treats. Better yet, you’ll never have to spend $5 on local, organic chocolate again.

Wine & Cheese Tasting, Paris

Love drinking wine with your beau, but clueless about the difference between a Crozes-Hermitage and Châteauneuf-du-Pape, or which cheese to pair with either? Join Oliver at O Chateau for a crash course on French wines and fromage. You’ll learn all about France’s diverse appellations, as well as how to decode wine labels. Who doesn’t love sipping Champagne and calling it “educational”?

Gay BFF Castro Bar Crawl, San Francisco

For those of you romantically unattached, we recommend enlisting the services of Jeremy, your new gay BFF. Round up a gaggle of your girlfriends and hit the Castro district in style. Drinks, dancing and a good time are guaranteed. And who knows? You may start out the evening single, but anything can happen…

So be creative in showing your love this year with Vayable!

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