Vayable in Buenos Aires

by Adriani León, Vayable Intern

Porteños love Vayable! For those that don’t know, Porteño is the Spanish word for people who live in port towns, specifically Buenos Aires. Vayable has reached out to our community there, and the feedback was amazing. In our talks with our new guides we were blown away by how open people were to this idea and excited to be part of something so fresh.

Meet some of our new guides!

Aigul is a Russian ex-pat who loves blogging and street art. In her tour, she will lead you through Buenos Aires getting lost and discovering street art together.  According to Aigul, “Painted walls say more about the personality of Buenos Aires than museums and books.” Check out her tour here.

Sebastian is a Porteno who believes “Futbol is religion,” and he is equally excited to take you sailing on the River Plate. Sebastian also offers an architecture tour, showing you parts of the city he knows intimately as he works for the city’s tunnels and bridges.

Escaping the Egyptian riots, Ezzat, a professional tour guide who wants to show his city from his perspective, has migrated to Argentina with his girlfriend who is a local. Ezzat now has two loves, finding himself in complete admiration of the beautiful port city and its history. Check out his walking tour here.

To check out everything we have in Buenos Aires, you can go to the page here. City pages and many other great changes coming soon!

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