Vayable in Buenos Aires

by Adriani León, Vayable Intern

Porteños love Vayable! For those that don’t know, Porteño is the Spanish word for people who live in port towns, specifically Buenos Aires. Vayable has reached out to our community there, and the feedback was amazing. In our talks with our new guides we were blown away by how open people were to this idea and excited to be part of something so fresh.

Meet some of our new guides!

Elena D. takes you to Buenos Aires’ Hidden Treasures, the unique places that many porteños don’t even know exist! We will visit gorgeous palaces and other buildings and you will learn the interesting history behind them. You will discover where the criminals were held during colonial times when there was no jail to hold prisoners.

Or take a full day bike tour of Buenos Aires with William W. Make the best of your time with properly balanced stops to walk around, take photos, eat delicious asado, and drink traditional Argentine refreshments. Buenos Aires is too big to see on foot and too beautiful to waste behind a bus window.

For the truly immersive experience take the Tango Experience in Milonga with Jamila W. What you see on the streets of Buenos Aires and in the tango shows is just a small part of what tango really is. Long after the streets of La Boca are empty…after their last bow on stage… many of the dancers head to the milonga and now you can too.

To check out everything we have in Buenos Aires, you can go to the page here. City pages and many other great changes coming soon!

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