Introducing Adriani: New Vayable Intern

A few weeks ago, we featured Juliann, one of our new interns. This week, we’re introducing Adriani, another one of our fabulous interns! 

Hi! My name is Adriani and I’ve been living in San Francisco for three years. I am originally from the Dominican Republic but having spent most of my life in NYC- I consider myself a New Yorker, A’ight? I attended Brandeis University in Massachusetts where I studied International Relations. I took courses in politics, German and environmental studies- but was mainly attracted to this major because it required interning abroad. 🙂 I lived in Germany for two semesters and hope to one day return to Berlin. I love Berlin for its street art, doner kebabs, community gardens and pieces of history on every corner.

When I travel I can see the personalities of my friends and family, replicated through people living in other countries, speaking different languages and eating different foods; I love traveling because it teaches me about myself.  I like to travel without an itinerary, walking through a new city by landmarks or streets that need wandering.

My picture was taken last summer in Grenada, during one of the most memorable weeks of my life. I was “playing Jab Jab” during J’ouvert- part of the island’s week long Carnival. Playing Jab Jab requires waking up before dawn, dancing your way to town behind pickup trucks with giant speakers blasting the latest summer hits and smearing colorful paints and motor oil all over any bystanders.

I’ve dedicated my pre- and post- college years to working with immigrant youth, teaching them about sustainability and living healthy lifestyles. Most of my work has been through small, struggling non-profit organizations whose work is SO important but are run very poorly. My current journey is to learn about for-profit business models that have positive impacts on their communities, which is how I found Vayable. Working at Vayable, I’ve had the pleasure of talking to the amazing Porteños that will be leading tours in Buenos Aires and whom I hope to come across some day.

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