Castro Cultural Bar Crawl in San Francisco

Beneath the fabulous dance music, clever puns, and rose colored drinks is a district full of history. Stories from the past are told through the establishments that are still standing and the culture that exists today. Twin Peaks, on the corner of Castro and Market, was the first gay bar in the nation with large glass windows on all sides, symbolizing a sense of transparency and openness. Harvey’s has a long history and was raided by the police in the Harvey Milk days.

Over time the district has overcome many struggles, led by a sense of community and love, to become what it is today. Now the Castro is not only tolerant but celebratory of a thriving gay culture, a destination for the GLBT rights supporters around the world. Jeremy offers a Castro Culture Bar Crawl in San Francisco so that anyone can instantly become part of the culture, life, and community in the Castro.

We experienced the crawl ourselves and can assure you that this one is worth it. Jeremy moved to San Francisco from Kansas (after a stint in Washington DC) and finds himself making a living by participating in the sharing economy, doing tasks on TaskRabbit and leading tours on Vayable in this down economy. Here’s what Jeremy has to say about his experience:

I thought that posting an experience on Vayable would be a fun way to meet interesting people from all around the world. Everyone wants to travel and experience the places they go as a local, and it was the perfect venue.

People should go on my tour because everyone should step into my shoes at least once and experience the fabulousness that is life in SF. I’m from Kansas. There isn’t much of a gay scene in Kansas. People are fairly accepting, but it doesn’t mean that there will be parades or lots of gay bars anytime soon.

The moment I fell in love with San Francisco: It was an amazingly warm Sunday in Feburary and I wasn’t looking forward to going back to DC, which was still in the middle of a deep freeze. I was sitting in Dolores Park waiting for a few friends, and I decided right then and there to move to SF. So I pulled out my iPhone and bought a one-way plane ticket!

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