For a Limited Time: Treat a Friend for Halloween!

At Vayable, we’re celebrating Halloween with a treat for our community! Book a Vayable experience before the clock strikes midnight on Monday, Oct 31, and bring a friend along for free!

We love holidays at Vayable. They remind us to break out of our day-to-day and explore something new. Halloween is about more than dressing up, it’s about breaking out of the ordinary and stepping into a new world and identity, for a night….or three. To keep the Halloween spirit alive, we’re inviting you to bring a friend along on your favorite Vayable experience, on us!

Whether it’s a treat for that special someone, a nice gesture for a friend, or a gift for the holidays, we’re sure that friends and family will appreciate the treat! All you have to do is book by midnight Monday, Oct. 31 for any future tour or activity.

It’s our little way of saying, thank-you for being so awesome and get out and enjoy the world around you!

Jamie, June & Shelly
(The VayaTeam)


Choose from any of the following Vayable favorites:

SF, $75 for 2

Tour SF on a Motorcycle

Experience life on the wild side and step into the fast-paced life of a Bay Area entrepreneur.

SF, $37 for 2

Scout for Street Art

Get to know the walls and sidewalks that are canvases for artists laboring under the cover of darkness as the rest of us sleep.

Sausalito, $15 for 2

Yoga on a Yacht

Escape from the city and rejuvenate to a new you by stepping into the lap of luxury with the glistening bay surrounding you.

Queens, $48 for 2

Queens Midnight Street Crawl

The streets of Queens awaken at night, as immigrant workers come home and amazing ethnic food is dished out. Experience something you’ve never even heard about.

NYC, $60 for 2

Photography Workshop Walk

Become a photographer for a day as you get trained – in the wild – in the art of photography!

NYC, $25 for 2

Build a Farmer’s Market Spread

Put on some overalls or a chef’s hat and learn how to eat local and fresh. Re-invent your diet and learn the secrets to nutritious foods… for the holidays!
Paris, $30 for 2

Picnic on the Seine Banks

Spend an afternoon à la a Manet painting on the banks of the Seine and dine on delectable culinary delights.

Paris, $35 for 2

Scout Montmarte Street Art

Get in the know with the art scene as you experience this ever-changing district.

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