Trust and Safety Features on Vayable

At Vayable, we want to ensure the best experience for everyone and build a friendly, trustworthy community. We’ve actually been implementing these things from our side for a while, but we want to make it official and as transparent as possible for everyone!

For explorers. We are personally meeting each and every guide that lists an experience on Vayable either face-to-face, via a video call, or through a Vayable Ambassador. You can check to see if a guide is Vayable Vouched simply by clicking through to their profile page (example here) and looking for the stamp! Before experiences can be approved on Vayable, every guide has met one of our friendly team members.

For guides. Vouch calls are also a great way to get your questions answered and get some sweet tips on making your experience popular on Vayable. If you want us to help vouch explorers who are requesting reservations with you, please feel free to shoot an email to We’ll get them vouched in a jiffy! Sometimes we’ll call them to welcome them to Vayable regardless!

If you’re thinking of booking something, guiding an experience, or wanting a cool stamp on your profile, please feel free to set up a time to meet us!

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