Meet Our Vayable Ambassador to Paris, Johanna!

Explorer Perspectives: Study abroad in college! Tips and experiences.Explorer Perspectives: Study abroad in college! Tips and experiences.

At Vayable, we’ve gotten the pleasure to get to know Johanna, one of our Vayable Ambassadors to Paris, during our Europe Tour and also with all those fancy tools you can use to communicate across the globe! She’s a friendly, passionate, and vibrant individual that absolutely loves our community and all things travel! If you have any questions about creating an experience on Vayable, what to do in Paris, or just how to get involved with Vayable, please feel free to ask her!

What do you love most about Paris? What I love the most about Paris is getting lost and realizing once again that wherever you are in Paris it is still beautiful and full of lights (and love for the lucky ones). I love the Parisian passion that you can feel once you get to know the people who live there better.

What is your favorite restaurant in Paris (what’s good there)? Le Tribeca. It is great food and offers all types of meals (meat, fish, pasta, pizza, salads, deserts), plates are big and it is cheap. Last but not least, the service is fast and great, you can eat outside and it’s in a great area… I am very “too” often there!

You offer a shopping tour on Vayable. What is your favorite store at the moment? My favourite store of the year is a bag store. It offers super well designed and cut bags. They are all leather and of great quality and they cost from 10€ to 50€ at the most. On top of this all, this store has a range of bags of ALL colors and it is in Abbesses (close to Montmartre). Obviously, this store is a must-do, must-see, must-buy one.

How did you find out about Vayable? I guess I love traveling so much that I was looking for a blog on travels as always… and just loved Vayable at first sight!

Why do you think people should share their experiences on Vayable? To avoid people going to Paris and having a bad experience or just to help them make the most out of it through the eyes of a Parisian.

Why did you want to become a Vayable Ambassador? To travel, live and love without waiting and to share my Parisian craziness with others.

What Vayable experiences would you recommend? The Night Photography tour with Alexander, the Half-day Hiking experience right outside Paris, the Gourmet Marais tour with all the pastries you could want and Consignment Shopping at the Paris Flea Market.

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