Vayable Ambassadors

What is the Vayable Ambassador Program?

The Vayable Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for connectors, trend-spotters, and organizers in the community to be a part of the Vayable team. As an Ambassador, you will play a pivotal role in a global movement to change the way people experience the world, while representing Vayable in your hometown and enjoying unique privileges as a Vayable insider.

Can I become a Vayable Ambassador?

Um…YES! If you are are a passionate Vayable user, with a strong local network and demonstrated passion for leadership and organizing, then you would make a perfect Ambassador. You are also creative, proactive, and enjoy creating your own initiatives in your free time. If you want to help lead a global movement and be a part of a world-class team, then we want to hear from you!

As an Ambassador, what would I do?

Vayable Ambassadors are liaisons between the Vayable team and the community-at-large. Roles may vary, as we all have different strengths and interests, but here’s a general overview of what being a Vayable Ambassador looks like:

Discover unique, exclusive off-the-beaten-path experiences to list on Vayable and help on-board great new guides.


Spread the Vayable love. Share best practices with guides, represent Vayable at community events, maintain a dialogue with local users, connect with local bloggers and press, and help make Vayable the best it can be by sharing your insights with the Vayable team.


Go on Vayable experiences for free, take video and photographs for guides, and write official Vayable reviews.


Participate in exclusive monthly webinars with the Vayable founders, team, and global community. Enjoy discounts for friends and family, VIP status at Vayable events, free Vayable gear, profit-sharing, invitation to our annual San Francisco Vayable retreat, and more. Exclusive access to a strong network of world explorers,                                    entrepreneurs, and community leaders.

OK, awesome. Now how do I become a Vayable Ambassador?

If this all sounds good to you and you want to join us as an Ambassador in your city, just shoot us an email with your name, location, and why you want to be an ambassador to and someone from our team will be in touch. We look forward to hearing from all of you!

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