Guide of the Week: Paris Symphonic Orchestra with Kevin

Kevin is a new member of the Vayable community and offers a symphonic orchestra experience on Vayable in Paris. He’s a web entrepreneur working on Backpackmojo, a wanderluster (obviously), Vayable fan, and classical music lover! We sat down with him to talk about all things travel, tech, and Paris!

Why do you want to be a Vayable guide? It’s really about meeting people. It’s very hard sometimes to find people that like what you do. It’s hard for me to find people that like classical music, for instance, so I decided to share it worldwide. It’s a broader audience, so I might find someone that would really appreciate going on this amazing experience with me. Also, I’d like to practice my English.

How did you get into classical music? It started when I was very young because my father only had classical music CDs. When I was a boy, I used to listen to Mozart when my friends were listening to rap music and rock. I’m from Lyon, and it’s not as culturally intense as Paris, so I came to Paris and wanted to to take advantage of the symphony orchestra. Listening to one pianist playing solo in a room full of 500 people (with not a sound) is just amazing.

Who’s your favorite composer? For piano music, Chopin. For symphonies, Mozart.

What’s the must-see thing when people go to Paris? You have to walk for two hours Saturday morning at 8 AM when there is no one on the street and the sun is just coming up. I find it very all-inspiring. What’s impressive about Paris is not so much what you’ll see in a particular place. It’s about the ambiance – it’s about having a coffee in the morning in a busy corner, it’s about seeing the sun rise while watching people going to work, it’s full of history and stories wherever you go. You can go running in the morning and nothing is ugly there.

What’s the most unexpected or unique thing about Paris? People don’t know that Parisians are absolutely… how can I say it politely…. not very nice. In France, people in Paris are known to never be smiling, so I’m quite an exception here. A couple weeks ago I actually realized that the place my office is actually on the street where the fictional character d’Artagnan from the Three Musketeers used to live. So everything in Paris has a piece of history because it’s so full of culture.

What’s your favorite restaurant? There is a little Italian restaurant named I Golosi at Rue de la Grange Batelière. I also like a take-out place called Casa della PASTA in la Rue Montorgueil; it’s the best Italian food I’ve eaten in my life. For cafes, Lézard Café is my headquarters – where I work, where I have a nice coffee with friends, and for everything.

What’s Backpackmojo? It’s something I made for backpackers to take everything you do on a trip and put it into a professional looking guide for all your friends, your “travel tribe” that follows you.

What was your favorite travel experience? I would say Indonesia. I’ve gone there for a month backpacking there with no more than six hours of sleep a night. Trekking to volcanoes at 2 AM in the morning, waiting until the sun rises at the top, and seeing the cover of clouds. It’s a sight you will never forget. I also love Japan. Kyoto is my favorite city in the world – it’s peaceful, there are temples everywhere, it’s full of history and things to see. It’s amazing.

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