Guide of the Week: Midtown Food Cart Tour with Brian

A couple weeks ago, we had the pleasure of meeting food blogger Brian from Urban Oyster for a behind-the-scenes experience. We got to meet the chefs, learn about the regulatory history of food carts, and taste some delicious food! Check out our interview with him below!

Neighborhood in NYC: Astoria, Queens

What’s your favorite area of New York City? There are so many unique and diverse neighborhoods in this city. It’s hard to pick just one area. I love spending time downtown in the Village (both the east and west) because of the amount of culture and interesting people you’ll encounter; also, the Lower East Side and the Financial District because of all the rich history; and I love traveling to some of the ethnic enclaves in the outer boroughs, like Flushing and Greenpoint to taste eclectic, authentic, and affordable cuisines.

What is the one thing people must try when they go to NYC? The Food! People should really try to get a sense of the food of “old New York”, like pizza, pastrami and oysters, but also try some of the innovative and affordable restaurant options that are popping up all over the city.

What’s your favorite under-the-radar restaurant? There are so many. I can say that my favorite eating establishment is Chikalicious, which is a Japanese dessert bar in the East Village. You get a 3 course dessert for $15 and each course is so delicate, complex, and delicious. It’s a really wonderful experience and the owners are so gracious and friendly. 

What would you eat for your last meal on earth? It’d have to be a high end gourmet all you can eat buffet. That way I wouldn’t have to choose just one thing and I can just keep on eating.

What’s special about your tours? Our tours are much more than just a food or beer tour. Sure, you get plenty of amazing food and drink to taste, but you also learn the in’s and out’s of the industry, meet the chefs behind the businesses, and get a true sense of each neighborhood. Learning goes down much easier with a pint of beer or a bowl of falafel.

You can also check out one of his very educational and entertaining web series shows below about bagels in NYC!

Check out some NYC food tours, including a Flavors of South East Asia tour and a Flushing Chinatown tour

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