Hooray! We’re Launching in NYC!

We’re skipping across the country and launching in New York City today! Opening our doors in New York is like coming home. Jamie spent years years acting as an impromptu tour guide for visitors and taking them to awesome places in the city and came up with the idea while working at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  Now, less than four months after launching in San Francisco, we’re officially spreading the love (and the cashmonies) amongst everyone living in the big city where the rent is too d*#n high.

We already have some great experiences in New York City, so be sure to check them out! Whether you’re into sketching models as they walk down the runway, tasting craft beers, eating amazing foods in various neighborhoods, touring historic districts, or getting pampered by a concert pianist, we have a little something to tickle everyone’s fancy.

Also, join us in making the Big Apple a bit more bite-sized by sharing your knowledge, passions, and hobbies with others! Our community manager, June, is going to be in the in New York City for the next three weeks, so feel free to email her if you want to meet up and chat about Vayable! We also created a Facebook group here, and everyone is welcome to join and start sharing your stories and happenings.

We are also joining forces with our friends at Airbnb to celebrate our launch on August 23rd. If you want to come, email us here and tell us a little bit about yourself!

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