Oaksterdam Marijuana Tour on Thrillist

Thrillist covered our Oaksterdam University marijuana tour!

From Animal Science to Canadian Studies, there’s a major for virtually everything these days, except teaching a disorderly group of Madison Prep delinquents who’ve placed last in the Virginia Military Games eight years running the real meaning of Payne. To see how people learn without giving Damon Wayans cupcakes filled with laxatives, check out Oaksterdam University’s new monthly public tour, launching today.

Oaksterdam U is an honest-to-god cannabis college in Oakland with a complete pot-based curriculum (including Horticulture, Political Science, Biology, Canna-Business, Methods of Ingestion, etc.) all taught by marijuana-specialized academics who — starting this month — will help lead the campus’s first public tours of the facility, which’ll likely start in the vent above the bathroom stall with everyone holding silenced PP7s. Accommodating one group of 50 every 30 days, these hour-long tours’ll take you from seed to smoke, exploring the campus, growing lab, glass-blowing school, and dispensary, while previewing courses in legality, cooking, hash-making, and bud-tending, presumably taught by former Special Assistant to the Commissioner Frank Robinson. And because no tour of an institution of dank higher learning could end any other way, you’ll finish off the sojourn with a trip to Oaksterdam’s gift shop which is stocked with tees, stonerware, chronic cookbooks, smoking receptacles, and definitely not Miley Cyrus, you haters!

Oh, and if you like what you see on the tour, you can sign up for any of 15 classes, labs, and seminars that range from a weekend-only course-load to an includes-all-15-classes, 13-week semester, though that workload might prove to be a Major Pain.

Check out these other Oakland experiences: a street art tour, or a street food tour with amazing tacos!

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