A Vayable Idea: A Talk on Homelessness and Community Mixer

Last night we had a wonderful event at 111 Minna! Over two hundred people showed up, and we were really delightfully surprised about the great turnout! We love seeing people from our community connecting and mingling with one another!

The event featured Milton Aparicio, our amazing and inspiring guide who lives in a homeless shelter and works tirelessly every day trying to improve the lives of other homeless people. He gave a great talk about realities of homelessness and what we can do to improve the situation. You can check out his walking tour of the Tenderloin here!

Thanks to everyone for taking some time out of their evening to come support us! We’d especially like to thank the people who most graciously and generously made this possible: 111 Minna for letting us use their venue, ZeroCater for donating the delicious food, and Hospitality House and Glide for providing amazing services for the homeless.


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