From Hipsters to Tacos: A Comic Book Tour of the Mission

By Jenna Paul-Schultz

The group met up at Mission Comics. We’d been promised a drawing tour of the Mission, led of Alfred Twu, one of the creators behind the recently released Comic Book Guide to the Missionand Vayable, a start-up that aims to be the Etsy of tourism. On the site, individuals offer everything from seeing the sunset from a sailboat in the bay to a limo tour of Bay Area pot clubs organized by a “Medical Marijuana Concierge” to the opportunity to live like a homeless person for 24 hours, organized by a man who offers to “help you find food and at least some semblance of shelter.”

“Let’s head over to Dolores Park first,” said Twu . “We can check out the hipsters. Maybe draw them, too.”

There was the couple eating dinner at a portable picnic table set up on the grass, with a whole meal spread out before them. There was a girl dancing alone to the music in her headphones. (“Getting ready for Burning Man?” another member of the tour commented.) And then there were the classic hipsters lounging on the grass, bikes sprawled behind them, sunglasses perched on their noses: perfect characters to star in our brand new comic strips.

It was unclear, though, how many of them were real authentic hipsters, and how many of them were on Vayable’s “Live the Life of a Hipster” tour.

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