A Vayable Idea: Street Art Talk and Community Mixer

Last night, we had an amazing event at Galería de la Raza featuring our Scout for Street Art tour guide, Russell Howze. Set in the middle of tons of beautiful and colorful murals, there was a gorgeous indoor graffiti exhibit as well as other pieces featuring diverse artists. Our amazing guides as well as members of our community came out to mix, mingle, and meet one another!

Russell gave an inspiring talk about how street art came to be popular and his ideas for how the city should support instead of criminalize visually compelling street art. He even signed a copy of his book for Jareau, who we share office space with! Everyone shared their wish list for San Francisco experiences, which we (unintentionally) made vague. Some hilarious things on there were “more dirt,” “more trees,” “no cars,” “repeal Sit-Lie,” and “free Muni.” We might not be able to make those happen, but we are working hard to discover amazing new experiences every day!

We were so excited to meet some of our great guides including Rob the tye die connoisseur, Jamie the street food expert, Topher the used bookworm, and the Tim the biker! Here are some pictures from last night’s bunch of some of the most vibrant individuals in the Bay Area!


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