The Beauty of Discovering Details

The farm is beautiful; you can see vast expanses of land, huge rainforests filled with layer upon layer of trees and plants, and enormous cascading waterfalls.


Even though the view from far away is breathtaking, oftentimes the most beautiful parts of a place are in its details. You can go beyond just seeing what everyone else sees in a place and really learn how to discover. The innocence of a child’s smile, the nuances of someone’s personality, the intricacies of a culture, the veins of a leaf, the shape of a unique flower, and so much more. The possibilities are endless when you start deconstructing an experience from a vista to a plant to even a tiny seed.


The tiniest things, the things that no one else has ever photographed or seen before, are the things that inspire you the most. Sometimes you will, but oftentimes, you’re not just going to run into these things with pure luck. It takes someone intimately connected to the land to show you what others might simply glaze over. The beauty of travel is in the details.

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